Mr. Sutton: I wanted to thank you for your article on confessed judgments. I came across it recently and it has been an essential tool in helping teach our associate. A brilliant, succinct, and informative piece of writing.

Thanks again,

–Troy N.

After a long battle and many bad legal advices I was left in a state of disappointment with courts and lawyers, not to mention in a devastating financial situation. I had given up that there is hope for an average person in the legal system to make it right if they have been wronged. Mr. Sutton was a game changer. He gave clear answers to my questions. He offered options, while never pressing me to do anything. You know like the feeling you have when you go check out cars and you feel pressured to act otherwise deals will expire- that is NOT Mr. Sutton. He is honest. He does not give hope when there is no hope and when there is an opportunity he lays out the risks clearly. He tells what he knows and what he does not know and needs to research. He is smart and a great strategist. I will take Mr. Sutton over any senior partner in a big firm with two junior attorneys working for her/him. If you decide to go to battle, he is the one person that you need to have on your side. He changed our life. I do not right reviews. I just want to thank him so much but I do not know any other way. He deserved every single penny that he got. When he tells you he is on your side you better believe him, he is on your side! He is fair, he will not drag you to battle to make money. He tells you straight what you should do, even if it means that he earns less money himself. When he accepted my case he told me that he felt bad that I had had such a bad experience, and he hoped that he would change my perception. He certainly did that. Here is what you will get with Mr. Sutton: 1 – A brilliant attorney (out of the box thinker when you need one) 2 – An outstanding knowledgeable attorney 3 – An honest and fair attorney 4 – A clear understanding where the law is in regard to your case and risks associated pursuing different options that he lays for you. He has my respect and will be my go to attorney from now on. I will not stop promoting him I wish we have more attorneys with his principles and character; someone who will look out for interests of regular folks. My only regret is that I did not find him sooner. I wish I could take all the money I spent with other attorneys and give it to him.

–Richard R.

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