Post-Judgment Settlement in Legal Malpractice Case

In April 2013, Stewart A. Sutton’s client entered into a post-judgment in a legal malpractice case.  The client had obtained a judgment against his former attorney for abandoning his case and then misrepresenting the status of the case.  The attorney was subsequently disbarred for his gross professional misconduct.  While the matter was on appeal regarding whether the client had properly garnished money from the former attorney’s bank account, the parties entered into a post-judgment settlement in conjunction with a mediation conducted by the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.  At the mediation, the former attorney apologized for his mishandling of the client’s case and explained that severe depression had impeded his ability to practice law.  Practice pointer for clients: Attorneys are frequently disbarred when their mental illness, alcoholism, or drug addiction impairs their ability to represent clients in a professional manner.   If your attorney often has excuses as to why he or she cannot meet with you, provide a document to you, or fully explain to you the status of your case, then it is time to find a new attorney.


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